Sika Deer hunting

We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go always a little further:  It may be beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow

Across that angry or that glimmering sea.

“Hassan”-James Elroy Flecker




Sika stag shot on his wallow in the Ngawaparua region of the Kawekas. ‘Nother day at the office’ says the expression on “Sepps” face

Sika hind shot on the run around roar time Kaweka ranges early 2000’s with Forester .308

Sika stag another caualty of the mighty Forester

Sika stag and “Max” early eighties in creek head

Sika hind and Sako

“Sepp” interviewing Sika Stag during the roar

Toby on Sika stag

Head cached near Te-Puke

Hey boss you are a hansome bastard- good shot too

Very close to civilisation

The dog whispering sweet nothings

Wrong place wrong time

Sika stag stalked and shot on his wallow

Young pretender shot by mistake

Some stories of hunting Sika both as a proffessional hunter in the early 80’s and again my return in the late 90’s…..


4 Responses to Sika Deer hunting

  1. kevin berkahn x nzfs culler 1976 kawekas says:

    Great photos got some good memories from te puke hut it was my favourite hunting spot thanks Steve

  2. Mike D says:

    Very interesting site, love the photos from yesteryear.

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