Hunting with Steve

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

                                                                         -John Muir

…….You ask me what I think real hunting in New Zealand  is all about? Well in my opinion it can only be conducted on public land for starters which ensures a pure wilderness setting. That in itself dictates that  only authentic truly wild NZ animals are taken.
Adventure is the name of the game where you experience the country in the raw and pit your wits on level terms with your quarry.
Hey its fine with me if you would rather shoot some multi pointed head that has been created in the lab. with a price tag to go along with it but remember that real NZ hunting is free. [so far at least]. Outside of  ‘the circus environment” those heads do not exist here naturally.
Well as we know nothing in this world is really free and your ticket of admission into this elite play ground is fitness. Without a good measure of it- well as I mentioned earlier there are a good many second best experiences to be found here. Especially if you have a healthy bank balance.

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