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“When all the dangerous cliffs are fenced off, all the
trees that might fall on people are cut down, all of the
insects that bite are poisoned . . . and all of the
grizzlies are dead because they are occasionally
dangerous, the wilderness will not be made safe.
Rather, the safety will have destroyed the wilderness.”
—Roger Yorke Edwards


I was born in North Wales [Conway valley to be exact] in 1952. Travelled to Australia in 1972. and took up nationality. Read the book Hunter by Profession- Phillip Holden and was inspired to apply for a job as a deerculler in NZ. I experienced four of the best years of my life hunting for the NZFS. Later I spent two years meat shooting on public land, before joining the rabbit board for two years. I continued to deer hunt in my spare time for the next few years.

I then spent too many years away from NZ working mainly as a tunnel miner including jobs such as  the channel tunnel. Chance would have me land a job in Melbourne and that would eventually lead to me owning  and operating  www.tripletui.co.nz  here in the Nelson Lakes district of the South Island. I have been living the dream for the past 12 years.

This hunting site is created primarily to promote myself as a free range hunting guide for any region in New Zealand and also for me to share my hunting adventures and views & news with you guys.

More stories on      www.seekshammy.blogspot.com

P.S. Hunting is what we live for but to enable us to live for our hunting we cannot disregard governments with their politics and their very sinister agendas that they all seem hell bent on pursuing regardless of our, the peoples wishes not only here in New Zealand but globally it seems.

Under the heading “about me” you will see a few issues that I and I hope all rational free thinkers find the need to address for our own common good, and where signatures need adding to petitions then please waste no time in doing so. It will undoubtedly help  to ensure the continuation of our great life style here in Gods Own and to also make the statement to other countries of the world that people are power and we will all ultimately get what we deserve. We just need to wake up and then stand together and resist State corruption and corporations (read the two as inseparable) and any or all further other negative influences.

Do your own research but above all be sure in your own minds whatever the result that it is made from you and you alone and not influenced from some glib tongued bureaucrat or CEO with an invested interest.

Make no mistake these are serious times and we all need to “heads up” and be aware of our surroundings.  Don’t just switch on the 6 o clock news and believe as if it is the sermon on the mount in fact I would only switch that crap on for the weather alone.  The media in NZ as in the rest of the world is bought and paid for and the only news you get is the news they want you to get,  If you want the real news use the internet and navigate your truth while it is still available.

7 Responses to About Me

  1. Dave Pratt says:

    Hey is that you Garnett? Recognised the photos and not many ex Kaweka cullers were born in North Wales and came here via Aussie. Hope all well with you these days.
    Dave Pratt

    • steveg308 says:

      Well it says so on my birth certificate! You would have seen some photos of yourself too Pratty. Hey I was wondering when you would show up [if at all]
      Yeah keeping fine despite life’s wobblies. Hope you are keeping good also. I heard you were a colonel or something in the army? Hey .. Got any photos “back in the day” I can use??????????

  2. James Passmore says:

    Steve, great website, I particularly enjoy all the old photos as well as the new.
    You should write up and add some more hunting stories? I would like to see some, just an idea.
    (On puttees and horse bandages, I use actual woollen army puttees myself – I think they are ex Korean war or something….round and round and round…)
    Good site, keep it going.

    Regards James

    • steveg308 says:

      Thanks James I am going through a bit of a personal crises at the moment so hard to add anything just yet but appreciate your comments and will apply myself as soon as I can. Yeah the puttees can’t be beaten eh?….cheers

  3. Travis says:


    I use a similar buller boot setup as you.

    Where did you find the horse bandages with the cloth ties? All the ones around here only have the velcro and it does not stay put.

    • steveg308 says:

      Hey Travis Yes the velcro is no good at all. I get the hardest wearing bandage and replace the velcro with good quality ties. I have been trialling different bandages and ties for some time now. I was going to offer them on the website but there doesn’t seem to be enough guys around that know their onions to make it worth my while.
      Good to see you are one of the enlightened ones and thanks for your comments

      • Travis says:

        I commented on your youtube video as well.

        I tried 2 different ones from around here but they were rubbish and I did not want to waste any more money trialling many more. Are the ones you get from Oz pretty good?

        How much you selling them for with the ties?

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