Tahr Hunting

What have you seen on the summits, the peaks that plunge their icy heads into space?

What draws you trembling to blind altars of rock where man cannot linger?

” The Estate”  Charles Brasch

Ray with a Nanny shot for the pot

Young bull shot whilst leading group of nannies out of harms way

The master Bull holding all the girls lies where he eventually came to rest. It was a long steep climb down to him






























Decision finally made and we are out of here!









Part of a Tahr nanny group taken up high, having just lost two of their number they are now going through processing emergency departure plans to evacuate their temporary placement for pastures new. Quite a pow wow going on!

Dr.Christian Bussy with his third of four bulls. The bull ran strongly for well over 100 meters before folding into the landscape

Eric Paret with the first of his 3 bulls

Range was just over 100 meters and Eric made no mistakes with his custom Christensen 300 win mag rifle.


After a Text book stalk Alex delivered with a fine 400 meter neck shot to secure his first ever bull Tahr in challenging conditions.

Young Bull Tahr  taken for its skin

Brooke’s animal in a more user friendly spot



Falling among-st the rocks made it difficult for me to maneuver him for the classic pose so I didn’t for fear of losing valuable hair off his coat. Time was also running out and without my head torch I was in real danger of spending the night out. As it was I returned to camp two hours after dark. Helped enormously by Glen and Brookes strobe light that they left for me in the creek bed to aid my navigation



This was the first Bull shot.  Nearly dark and I have just finished hurling him off the last of the steep stuff, over waterfalls, in and out of creeks, over sheer drops…you know the usual stuff.  He will spend the night here and I will return in the morning to skin him out.

tahr hunt gunn basin(1)

A couple of animals seen way up high on the first evening



Me with the second bull on the last day


Bull shot with Lou Kennedy at 288 meters

Snapshot 1 (12-06-2015 10-10 a.m.)







Bull herding Nanny and kid through the snow.


Brooksie left myself middle and Glen right with dog awaiting extraction after a successful Tahr hunting trip in the Alps. Glen is the owner of Soroka rifles which are exclusive single shot firearms made to order for the discerning clientele.

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