Retirement…..Never say never!

Matthias, a former hunting client emailed me to see if I would be interested in helping a mate of his to shoot a deer here in NZ. He ,Gregor would be travelling through the top of the south in a weeks time. and could spare a couple of days, weather permitting. He would have no equipment, only hiking boots and suitable clothing.

Gregor slugging it out up a steep creek

It was a brutal walk in (walk?) and it took many hours. But like all things good and bad it passed, and we were able to reach our area of choice and make camp kick back, and get an early nights sleep to prepare fully for the hunting the next day.

We broke camp around 0700 and sidled around the mountain to a point where we could hopefully glass some ground that was shielded from the fierce S.W. wind that had kept us awake most of the night.

We eventually reached the head of a gully and slowly eased forward, scanning all around us as we progressed. I eventually spied a hind lying in the deep tussock around 200 meters to our front. She was only visible by her neck and head. I took off my pack and motioned Gregor forward for the shot. His deadly aim took the hind in the neck and she moved no more. Upon the shot a yearling jumped up onto her feet and proceeded to take bewilderment to the next level. She milled around for some time before eventually moving off.

Gregor with downed animal where it fell
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