‘Nother stag in the bag

Young stag shot in the neck with .243

Well he was just about a stag I suppose, barely got eye teeth too! Never mind he will taste just fine. Thing is despite his youth he still had a harem of at least 5 hinds that he was herding at some speed through the trees. I remember my youth and it was nothing like that!

Wilson and me we had a sit down for lunch, we had missed a stag earlier in the morning through it, at the last moment putting a tree between himself and the 90 grain Accubond hurtling his way, never mind.

In fact I was getting through my second sammie at said lunch when I noticed some movement down in the semi open bush below. It turned out to be a hind grabbing a quick bite before moving on, she was followed by one or two others in her wake. By the time the third one had moved on I had crammed the rest of the bread in my pie hole, grabbed the rifle and advanced at least 20 meters toward this activity. A set of antlers was briefly seen as the group moved from my 7 oclock and across my position . The Leupold scope ranged from animal to animal, but their movements were too quick for a shot. Eventually the stag came into view with his neck close to the ground, and hesitated as if the leaves were smelling of roses and it was too much for him to move on. The 243 barked and he didn’t have to move any further.

Hind legs and backsteaks were loaded before starting the long journey back to the car. A bonus on the trip back was a yearling presenting herself out of nowhere. 2 on the shoulders is worth any amount still in the bush…a quote from somewhere???????

Yearling hind taken on the way out
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