A summer break

Early December and it is already too hot for Wilson. His tongue is hanging out and it has been a while since our last water break. We are in the hills on a scorching morning It is still earlyish in the morning and jI am just about to drop my pack into our chosen camp site. Lighter now by some kilos We then drop over the side into a deep gully to scan the terrain in some detail. Out come the miniature Lecia binos and it is not long before a hind is spotted at the 200 meter range. The appropriate pressure on the Timney trigger and she is down for the count. Wilson gets to have breakfast.


What with the heat and the fact the deer are now dropping their young I make the call to take the rest of the summer off from hunting. We swelter out the rest of the day in camp, but make tracks for home early the next morning before the sun rises too high in the cobalt blue sky.

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