Before the rain

Wilson checking the gender

Wilson and me read the forecast and decided we would get out for a hunt before the rain came.

We entered the bush after first light, I was carrying my Remy 243 as Sako is getting a face lift barrel wise ,and so not up for selection.

Couple of hours later with not much activity seen. which included the wind, it was non existent too.

Wilson was not much help at all, no fault of his of course. Anyway we finally got there, with the dog showing a lot of interest up ahead.  I took a seat for a minute or so to settle things down. When I decided to carry on Wilson on the fringe of a whine of impatience muttered “bout time too” A couple of paces further on and two deer were sighted, looking our way.  I selected the nearest and it dropped as if pole axed when the 90 grn. Accubond made its acquaintance.

It turned out to be a young stag at the yearling stage so bon apatite!

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