The first of my 7th Decade

This is the first animal to give herself up to us, as I  enter onto my 70th lap










What breeze there was was certainly up our backsides.  It was of little difference really as altitude was our prime concern.  We were travelling up a sharp ridge and so relying on a directional wind lifting out of the gully to our right to pick up any animals not alerted to our climb so far.

Not long into our climb Wilson started winding down into said gully.  I took him some 50 meters further on to ascertain some surety.   We were perched up in some bluffs with a view of quite open bush below, but nothing was spied.  We then dropped down in elevation and returned to his original point of reference, and sure enough again his head went back and his nose reached for the sky.   There was an animal about for sure.

We carefully negotiated the steep terrain, stopping frequently to listen and scan ahead of us for any sighting of an animal.   We edged around a particularly large rock and there was the hind standing stock still and looking our way around 80 meters below us.  I smoothly brought the .243 up and fired.

The deer nonchalantly walked off.  I went through the shot again and again in my mind and it seemed ok.  We gave it a couple of minutes and followed on down.  The dog lead me unerringly onto the carcass.   It was now the job of the Victorinox .

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