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The ridgeline in the background is the top of the range! 1900 meters plus.  This Stag wants to be a Chamois methinks.










A three day high.  One up, one for hunting and one down.  It was a grind packing in, and my lack of water en route did not help matters one little bit.  I decided to leave ole four legs behind as I was going into the National park and dogs are frowned on in these parts.  Why is anybody’s guess, the decisions and arbitrary laws these bureaucrats put forward leaves a man questioning their sanity.

I eventually found my water and erected what is left of my one man Macpac “Microlight” tent, zip broken holes galore, and no bath tub floor, time for something new I can see.  Already I have superseded my Macpac “Cascade” 85 L. back pack with a new Tatonka “Bison” 65 litre jobby.  I reckon say, every 20 years or so to up grade my gear. New Technology and all.  I have gone from the Mountain Mule initially, and then onto the Macpac and now the Tatonka, pack which will have to see me out I suppose……. no problems.

I boiled up my freeze dried dinner then slipped away to glass the the other watershed for the last half hour of daylight .  When the sun was disappearing over the western horizon and twilight was a blanket wrapped tight about me, I picked up a spiker mooching around just above the bush line.  I ranged him at 540 meters away. He was as safe as houses.

I was away around 8 the next morning climbing to the crest of the range in search of the wily buck Chamois.  I found myself dropping down the eastern side to avert some peaks, I did not want to negotiate.  The sun hit me full on as I crested the range. I was planning on hunting south, and  so the sun would be at my back for most of the day, as it should be.

9.30 a.m. cresting a small rise I found myself face to face with said stag, and at just around 50 meters away, I tripped the trigger on the ole Sako and the animal was mine.  I have seen some deer high up and a long way from the bushline in my time but this guy takes the biscuit.

Around 2pm I was high above a north facing tussock face, and I felt the time was right after a bit of glassing to lie down and get some old man shut eye. Imagine my surprise 30 minutes later when upon looking down from my small bench I was presented with the sight of 4 Chamois at around 130 meters distance.  There was a distinct lack of sexual urgency within the group, which puzzled me somewhat as it was nearing the middle of May.  Anyway long story short I took the biggest of them to be possibly the main man and let fly with a 165 grn Accubond .  As was expected the animal was flattened on the spot. Upon recovery however it was determined that the he was a she.  Bugger, and bugger off is exactly what the other three did ,”never mind, meat is meat sol”. Bon appetit.

The venerable Sako L579 Forester in .308 dominates the 400 meter range for any animal found in New Zealand

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