Summer comes to a close, enter Autumn

The bastard little Germans are still about, but I reluctantly have to enter the bush to celebrate the roar I suppose.

Just the other day……

I had just stumbled upon a wallow, that to be honest had not seen a helluva lot of use, but a wallow it was non the less. Wilson and me decided to skirt around it and head up hill on a diagonal.  We were just negotiating a small rise when the mutt started throwing his head back knowingly ( I say that lightly) he bounded the last couple of steps ahead of me and spooked an animal. I was just in time to see the disappearing rump of a stag enter some scrub. He was sitting obediently now, but shaking a little with excitement. We loitered for a moment and were rewarded with said stag turning round and leaving the scrub to see what was what and facing directly uphill toward us.  The dog was smack in the way and I had to lean out to scope the animal, all the time encouraging the dog to move over, it all fell on deaf ears however and I may as well have been on the moon.  I took the shot and the dog jumped a foot in the air, talking about deaf ears…….

I could have had a follow up shot as the stag departed, if I had closed my mouth, which was hanging open in disbelief.  We covered the ground for a good couple of hours with no sign of blood or any indication of a hit.  It was a lot harder to miss than hit, but there you are.

I sighted said rifle in when I got home and hit the bull smack center at 100 meters !

Stag was mooching downstream

Today;  We were making our way steadily up the creek , when the mutt’s head lifted , indicating I hoped a deer close by.  I crossed the dog over and up on the opposite bank, thinking this would be a better platform to see any wild creature that was lurking about. less than a 100 meters further up I spied a lone stag making his way downstream on the  bank we had recently vacated.

He was totally oblivious to our presence and I took the off hand shot, hitting him hard with the 90 grain Nosler Accubond bullet.   One of those Germans got me on the way home, making it a first for the whole of summer. (my best statistic yet)

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