This time a Spiker (only just)

Spiker down.   90 grn Nosler Accubond held accountable. With help









Photo above showing My mate going in the backdoor.  Always the tradesman.

It was destined to be a good day, from when we almost ran over a deer on the road leading in.

Southerly wind blowing this morning, which to be honest was a relief from the week of N. Easterlies, humid wx. and rain.  Problem being my plan to hunt a certain way was shot to shit as the wind was now compromising the whole mission.  A hurried variant was called for or rather a plan B.

I climbed up past the initial point I would have started to sidle the hill, with the plan now to top the hill itself and either head along the other side wind compromised, and loop back this side further on, or hunt into the wind a little higher up.  Animal sign would dictate I mused.

That was when said Spiker turned up for the photo shoot.

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