The first time in my hunting life…………….

I am having a late life crises because I am questioning the mighty .222!  I am having a down period with the caliber, a few misses and a few long follow up stalks, even the ones down are not out all the time. It is time I feel that I try something new before I fall completely out of love with my beloved Sako Vixen.   I therefore unsheathed my Remington 700 in .243 the other day in a bid to resolve said problems.

Now the half cock on ole Remmy is not in the same class as the Vixen so, I employ the safety as well for my bush stalking.  This procedure after many years with the former rifle is a little concerning to me.

Where she fell

Wilson and me are high in the bush and working the natural wind as well as the katabatic wind and it is not long before he is showing some keeness  below our position toward a scrub infested gut.  We carry on carefully contouring, when suddenly two animals appear to our front. The highest of the two is in plain view so, slipping the safety off and closing the bolt I fluently raise the rifle to my shoulder and trip the trigger.  The report of the .243 is like a howitzer to my ears in comparison to the gentlemanly .224 cal.

The animal hits the deck as if poleaxed.  Just what I needed!  I might run this one for a while now and see what develops.

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