Nemisis 2

Wilson whispering sweet nothings into the marauders ear







The above photo; Later in the same morning we find the dawg stating the “no hard feeling mate” dialogue.

This hog though has been ploughing the home paddock for at least the last 6 months.  I had a epiphany at 04.30 this morning, whereby I was convinced in my bed that the said hog was about. I loaded trusty .222 and tip toed out to meet the evidence of said spiritual guidance.

The initial torch light illuminated 1,2,3, 4 and 5 sheep which I knew where resident. The other shape, slightly darker and and a little distance away and with elongated tail, just had to be the said menace.  So I let rip .

He covered at least 60 meters before succumbing to the inevitable force of Barnes and  it’s 53 grain  spokesperson.

Big carve up tomorrow and distribution to the freezer and that’s all she wrote.

53 grain Barnes TSX .  This is what was recovered from a shot impacting way back in the kidney region travelling up through the lungs and ribs and finally stopping just inside the skin close to the R.H. shoulder.  It weighted 50.20 grains

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