“nother one bites the dust”

Wilson the poser

A bunch of hinds meets us “head on” on a spur, the dog was half way between us all.  No time to see if there was a stag there too.  The front hind was visibly nervous and with good reason as Wilson and me are on shoot to kill missions nowadays with no prisoners taken.  Such is the modus operandi of the current dog training program.

I hate facing  shots, and the result of this one hasn’t changed my mind on that score either.  The hinds peeled off the spur in all directions at the report of the .222, one was left with head down and turned away diagonally ,and way off to my left, enough for me to have to take a few steps sideways to find her in the cross hairs.  This time I slotted the round behind her rib cage angling forward to the lungs.  A door nail comes to mind.

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