All quiet on the Western front

Wilson inspecting the young un








Two individual days spent flogging the bush this week and not an utterance of stag was to be heard.   The first day had two hinds emerge out of nowhere onto the road, as if being chased.  They were aware of my headlights and disappeared as quickly back into the bush.

Later in the morning Wilson was strongly winding a stag but, I refused to follow it up as it was in a direction that was not planned for the day.  As it turned out that was a big mistake.

The next day was a carbon copy but this time no deer where seen, heard or smelt whatsoever.  However on returning back Wilson went into winding mode. Creeping slowly over a spur with the dog slightly ahead, I located the animal and as it was about to run, took the shot anyway,  it continued to climb, and out of sight. Around twenty seconds later it came tumbling down a small gut and expired not long afterwards.  It turned out to be only a bambi.   It was another stepping stone on the dog training ladder however and I feel no remorse for my actions.

A short time later we put up another bambi and watched it leap away this time unharmed

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