No I haven’t found a roaring stag!  I have just heard that Skellerup have stopped making the Buller lace up gumboot!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah I know I am about a year or so behind everyone else that knew, but that is the nature of how I live my life.  I keep my own council and prefer it that way, but these are the downsides obviously.

Bugger, the tread on my ones are almost down to the wire and my only solution is the dreaded Ashley lookalike, which I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.  The CEO at Skellerup that ordered this treacherous deed, needs to be hung drawn and quartered.  He has turned his yellow back on the history of deer cullers in this country and other die hard hunters and trappers.  It seems that nothing is sacred in this world.   Another blow to practicality and nostalgia.

The Ashley even looks like something belonging to a trans gender community.  Where have all the real men gone? well the answer is gone or going it would seem.

Anyway bitterness never solved a thing.  I just wonder though if anyone has died recently with a pair of size 10 Bullers still in his closet?  Or worse yet, still tied to his feet!  That thought and others like it will likely haunt me to my grave, or rather my ashes.

N.B .That is ashes and not to be confused with Ash leys, cos burning is too good for those hell invented clumps of rubber.


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