Couple of nights under canvas

Well of course not canvas these days, am I showing my age?  Anyway that is the gist of it, me and the mutt lifted our sorry carcasses and headed out into the wild blue yonder in search of the wily stags roar.

We set up camp with about an hour of daylight left and then went for a short walk, we returned after awhile and I crawled into my scratcher.  Later in the night we were awoken with a deer close by barking its merry head off.

In short we, it seemed were a tad early and were met with a blank canvas sort to speak.  However undeterred we headed into the bush.   A couple of hours spent heading into creek after creek, was finally repaid when Wilson started getting a little hyper.  I quickly harnessed him. No sooner had I done so, then a loud bark resonated, then another from a slightly different direction, the animal was obviously moving around a fair bit.  This carried on for a few moments while we in turn tried to get a glimpse of it in the fairly open forest.  A few more and then all was quiet.  We sat around for at least a good ten minutes, before carrying on.  A time well spent in Sika country when often the inquisitive one will try and ascertain what you are and sneak in for a “look see”.   Not so much with red deer but you never know.

Pretty dead for the rest of the day and we returned empty handed, which was a tad disappointing for the dog at least because I only had a  pigs ear and a handful of biscuits to see him through till day 2

High on a ridgeline and just about to duck down into the creek system when this young girl presented herself.








Trying a different watershed this morning we were well along our chosen route when the dog veered over to the left, too late! I could see the departing rump of a deer ducking through the trees.  Drat! “there goes your breakfast sonny” I remonstrated.   Around 20 minutes later however, just after the decision I made that we were going to get off the high ground, and down into a creek system, a yearling materialised looking straight at me and over to my left.  The .222 coughed but once, the dog had his breakfast.  “See mutt” “this is a team effort.”

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