Not the most classy of winds, but Wilson leads me in nontheless

“Ah ya know boss, it’s what us dogs do”

High up on the hill and to be truthful an animal sighting was not looking promising at all.  A couple of hours of climbing/hunting, with no fresh sign to bolster the confidence,  I was about to rearrange the way we were going about things, when ole four legs, takes on a serious look runs off sideways a few strides and then fine tunes it slightly backward of my position. SSSSSSSSSSSSS I command like some demented snake and the black one puts bum on ground.  I quickly haltered him with the hand brake lead and then encourage him on.

A yearling hind materialised standing stock still around 30 meters away.  Slowly the trebly found my shoulder and the projectile found hers.  Still more venison, I muse.

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