Return of my Nemisis

Around 70 kilos maybe more, but no match for the .222

















A couple of months ago this guy was responsible for quite a bit of carnage in my paddock. I came across him late on a drizzly late evening and he was sending huge clods of earth skywards. I crept up as close as I could with the .22 which was all I had at the time, and tried to place a shot behind his ear.  He departed seemingly unscathed by my ministrations .It might have been my imagination but I thought I could hear huge guffaws coming from the vicinity of where he entered the scrub.

Fast forward 6 weeks and now the carnage expanded beyond the paddock and onto the boundary of our garden. I got up at the crack of dawn on a drizzly overcast start to the day and was rewarded with the sight of said hog wallowing in my pasture yet again.  This time however I was armed with Sako, and the end result is him hanging upside down in my meat safe.

There is an awful groaning and creaking taking place in the house at present, I used to fancy it was only my aging bones but now the freezer has joined in to duplicate the racket.

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