Tyranny of Public health



Just getting the results of the election now.  I cannot believe how uninformed NZ ers are regarding the current government. Christ she is on record at the Bill and Melinda gates foundation last August, named “goalposts” predicting she will bring the full U.N. agenda 20/30 program into NZ under her reign.  How fucking thick do you have to be not to know what that agenda promises us?

The Covid Public Health response bill should have had people up in arms!  Submitted in the early hours of a national lockdown and passed into law when most were still asleep at 10 a.m.  If that does not reflect a tyrannical approach then…”well I go to Spain” (actually I have a mate in Spain as we speak).  That law will remain long after Covid has been replaced with something else to scare the weak.

Covid public health Response bill- no warrant needed

There are about a million deaths world wide with this Covid 19 (flu)  Statistics say around 0.00 something %. There are around 7.5 billion people in the world you do the maths! In my language given that statistically you have a 99.8% survival rate, if you do contact this virus you will survive, and the only casualties by and large are the very old, or people with a morbidity, which would undoubtedly fall off the perch anyway and certainly fall foul to the ordinary flu.

Many of that count have been falsely labelled covid deaths too (dying with it> like falling off a roof but testing positive!).    Can  you tell me why we have a global lockdown?

The elites are talking of a re-set. (they don’t even have to pretend it has anything to do with Covid anymore either ) They are not hiding it , it is an open secret ,so why are we the people worrying over election results?  It matters not a jot cos it will happen anyway.

The reset is otherwise known as globalisation …they keep changing names, just like Global warming and the hole in the Ozone layer morphed into man made climate change ,but their aim is the same and it amounts in the end  to a cull, and a cashless society with total surveillance for all of us and more…

You cannot stop a flu virus with a jab, for fucks sake I know that!  I have never had a flu shot in my life and never had the flu. I know plenty of people who have had the flu jab and still got the flu however.   The jab they have in mind is the start of the cull.

Jesus for that matter you can’t stop the infection of the flu with a fucking gauze mask. it is full of fucking holes you cretins!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( bit like using a chain link fence to stop a mosquito ) and the day long shit you blow out into it, guess what?  you breathe it back in again.  Does that sound healthy????????????????

I fucking despair with thick cunts and this country is full of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>Yeah well after my alcohol fueled rant last night, and getting what I really think, off my chest, I am now ready to (not) settle down to three years more of sheer hell, have more freedoms taken away and more government imposition imposed.

I don’t even see myself as a political person, anyway.  I have always believed voting is a waste of time, when you are up against state programming and propaganda the majority of the population will always fall for this crap, cos they are obsessed with TV/radio and newspapers, which are all echoing the narrative sent down from on high. It is easier to take it onboard rather than think for yourself and do some research for yourself.

Looks like we are now well and truly on the trail to dystopia in this country, camouflaged to most with the “green” crusade, “save the planet” “over population,” man made climate change” “save the fucking birds” cycle ways etc etc. …………….Watch out for a push on man made climate change now

A guise for us to give up our freedoms for the common good, meanwhile they will continually hammer the farmers, (take away our food) and poison the land,(take away our food and spoil our water) repossess land and redesign ate it for carbon credits, (that’s called stealing ) impose more laws and tax’s, eventually take away all our guns, deprive us of our right to hunt and fish and put us in small apartments in smart cities,  etc etc………..You know, the word is CONTROL.

The spineless and fearful will have already started the queue for the vaccine, worked on as we speak by no other than “Posion jab Billy “(Bill Gates).  A medical man? no way, but stinking rich enough to influence many a country and its leaders. his specialty is Eugenics…cause for alarm? Hell no, just a coincidence!

New Zealand suffered a self inflicted bloody nose last night, I am too afraid that the knock out blow will come very shortly.

N.B. “Communitarianism” is the buzz word, just like “sustainability”, “bubble” and “smart “and others, look out for it. Whenever it is used in and around you?  Then you will know you are being shafted.

It is counter to individualism.

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