Another couple of days stolen in the bush

Yearling male taken with “client” rifle in .243 cal.  Note the addition of fluted bolt and skeletal bolt handle done recently.   Courtesy of Gunworks and Spartnz Cerekote


The weather looking half decent I Parked the pup up in isolation and ripped off into the bush with the mission of chasing some Chamois.  Most of the day was spent in a howling easterly at 1500 meters with the cold penetrating the very marrow of my being.  Glassing is a very big part of this game and when you are too cold to do this justice, then plan B must come into being.  So dropping down a few hundred meters saw me hunting some scrub country just on the bush line,  Three red deer was the result.  I took the bambi and yearling, leaving the most likely to survive the winter and Spring to get on with just that.  Pregnant too I hope.  The less the numbers huddled together in this environment the healthier your survival rate.

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