Late Rut Cham

.243 at a couple of hundred meters








Took the Remy and my legs out for a stretch.  It has been a very lean spell of hunting for me.  Firstly the summer season was particularly busy with “log cabin “clients, then coupled with a new pup which needed plenty of “me” time, saw me with little opportunity to get out and about. Corvid 19 took care of Autumn/Winter hunting clients.

I managed a couple of days hunting last week anyway, the first day seeing me put in the hours, but for no reward.  Hunting high and glassing down the faces as per normal Chamois practices resulted in nada benefit.

The next day I decided to play the hunted instead and I dropped down to the bush edge and pottered along at that level with the thought that if any lonely buck was looking for company then he would be up high and would surely spy me and then move in for a closer look.  After a couple of fruitless hours hunting,I stopped for some lunch.  Immediately after I had scoffed all that I had in my pack, I glanced upwards only to see a buck looking back at me intently.  I rolled over on my stomach and ranged him at 238 meters. Resting the 700 over my pack , I then squeezed that delightful of all triggers the “Timney Elite” .  The hand loaded Nosler 90 grain ballistic tip found the animal’s right shoulder and exited way down its flanks, tipping him over after he had dashed thirty odd meters uphill- yes my heart was in my  mouth!

I am going to try the 90 grain Accubonds next, as I am having a helluva run with these in the .308, and if they go half as well in the 6mm, then Happy Days.

The pup has another two months to go with his growing and further training before I dare take him out, but hopefully I will get in the hills myself again before that time, fingers crossed.

P.S.  I haven’t had much to say about this Corvid 19 scam, other than that is what it is, a total scam.  I find it very hard to believe nations have acquiesced to being locked in their homes by their respective governments over something as innocuous as flu symptoms.  The peoples of the world are indeed programmed to believe anything and everything authority dishes at them.  God help us, and I don’t believe in him either!

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