China, Mongolia and Russia

Just back from a month long trip to the above countries.  This and the fortnight I spent in Saigon during the Chamois rut just about scuppered any plans for hunting trips this winter.  I may just squeeze in an August effort but I am not holding my breath.

Trying on different hats in a Mongolian store, I think mine is slightly big!











We were lucky enough to catch the Naadam festival whilst in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, which proved to be a fantastic spectacle and atmosphere highlighting the Mongolian skills with horses, bows and wrestling. The celebrations reverberated throughout the country.

Russia was another favourite with Moscow being a delightful city to visit, and the people so friendly and accommodating. Chilled vodka wasn’t hard to take either, with a ballet company performing Swan Lake at the Bolshoi Ballet to complete the trip.

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