‘nother one bites the dust

Venison for breakfast dinner tea and supper.  Roaring stag shot this morning from around 3 meters.  I spotted some leaves that were scuffed in front of me so climbed in a wide arc to get above whatever scuffed them.  Eventually about 60 meters below me, came a gut wrenching roar, a pause of a minute or so then a repeat gut wrenched moan, every time he roared a I snuck in a little nearer.  Pretty soon I could hear him treading his wary way up to where I was sitting.  After what seemed an eternity I spotted movement and I could identify his ears and antlers as he studied me through some grass and short scrub.  I held fire with the .243 until I had a clear target.  His head finally raised clear and he was so near he was a blur through the scope.  He was no wall hanger!

Client rifle in .243 cal. BTW my daughter has expressed a wish that I smile more…so there ya go!

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