Christchurch Abhorrence

Obviously shocked and dismayed by the incident but hey we have got our fair share of snowflakes in this country.   Immediately and without hesitation virtue signalling and giving their power away to those that would make the most of it.  Within our firearms owners ranks even, there are those that would stab us in the back without pause,namely in this instance.

Fish & Game, which represents more than 150,000 anglers and game bird hunters, has also said it does not see any “legitimate recreational hunting use for military assault rifles”.

The answer they should have given was…

I’m pretty sure murder is already illegal. Not sure what another stupid law that overwhelmingly effects the law abiding is going to achieve. 


You soon see who has backbone for the fight or not when the chips are down and will stand shoulder to shoulder to weather any tempest, and then we have those that shrink away and then skulk back unseen when the dust has settled.

Albert Camus Quotes. Those who lack the courage will always find a philosophy to justify it.

This is the email I sent to Jacinda Adhern, Winston Peters and Ron Mark.  I will stand by every word…

Hi Jacinda

I think the security forces in this country and around the world bear the greatest burden for this tragedy, but of course the knee jerk reaction is always to punish the law abiding citizen and curtail his/her freedom of choice.

I am sure you remember the time you spent in the Blair administration when it bore down heavily on the law abiding firearms community in the U.K. after the Dunblane incident with similar ferocity at the expense of the innocent.

I would like to express my view that any such actions you might undertake to prohibit any firearms from use in NZ would be unnecessary and heavy handed and totally against a so called democratic society.

If safety comes at the expense of lack of choice and basic freedoms, well I for one do not want to be safe.

I urge you to view a proper journalists findings ( see above) and not the “lacky” controlled  media efforts, fostered by the governments around the world, who are clearly just voice pieces of the official narrative with no interest in research of any kind, but only there to promote the state run propaganda and Globalist plan.  or then hand on heart decide that you want to punish the most law abiding firearms owners in the world.







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