Some of the best venison you can get

Red Stag in condition for the coming roar









Early March sees the stag in the most prime condition of his life.   He needs this surplus to see him through the strenuous roar period and hopefully enough left over to survive Winter.

He was first spotted at 530 meters and moving with intent toward the bush on a diagonal line.  A lung bursting 200 odd meter rush saw me range the distance at 350 just as the stag entered the trees.  Rifle was laying on pack and I was rewarded with the beast showing himself in an open patch minutes later.  I squeezed off the shot quickly and he stood stock still as the report of the thud reached my ears.  Rechambering another round the second shot resounded in another thud, but the animal turned and walked out of sight in a couple of strides.  I was in the bluffs taking the shots and it took quite a while to climb up to where I could sidle a reasonable route across before descending a long way down to the bush edge.   I eventually found my stag where he lay hooked up in some trees on a very steep slope.  The 165 grn Accubond bullets have never left me down both long and short range and on Chamois. Tahr and Deer.

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