A Chamois for David

David emailed me sometime ago expressing a wish to experience the “Kiwi” approach to hunting Chamois.  He had only limited time available, in fact only one night that we could utilise to camp out.  However that still gave us two full days to get up, hunt and get down, so we had to make the most of this time, and luckily we had a good weather window to operate in.

Dave posing with Remington 700 in .243 and Chamois Doe

After a grueling first day, and camp set up, we spied and stalked a small bunch of Chamois Does seen over a Klick away.  Dave’s eventual shot was accurate and the lead Doe succumbed to the 90 grain Nosler Ballistic tip.  Dave completed some butchering chores and then   with an hour left of daylight we returned to our campsite for a latish dinner which was complimented  with grilled fresh Chamois back steaks over the gas stove with a back drop of a pink sky over distant hills .

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