2 Cham at 363 and 330 meters

Out for a couple of nights hunting on the Chamois in howling winds but otherwise fine weather.  I got on to three does in an alpine basin at the above distances.  They were obviously onto me so it was a case of pack down rifle across and start shooting.  The .308 is a master class and unsurpassed as an all round rifle in this country allowing a short barrel with little or no loss of velocity,  medium action nothing less than a necessity for speedy follow up shots if needed and overall compactness.  The 5x Leupold scope or should I say 4x (because I always fail to dial up the extra x) weighing in at 9ozs. sits just about right and at a perfect weight.  Probably could do with a little extra magnification but hey blame that on the dollar chasing crazed industry chasing the fads and not taking a jot of interest in the dyed in the wool mountain hunter.  I don’t seem to be doing too badly nonetheless.

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