Ingredients for a curry

Sako Vixen .222











With Tahr, Pig, Deer and Chamois all recently added to the freezer it was decreed by she who must be obeyed.  “We lack some goat to make a curry.”

More or less a right off last week wx. wise and not able to get out at all, there was an opportunity yesterday of dryish wx before the rains come back again.  I say dryish because the early part was misty and the bush was sodden and remained so throughout, although the sky blued up later and the sun shone it was too little too late as I was wet as a shag.  Anyway two hombres turned up in a small clearing late in the morning after much climbing on my behalf.  Took a fall too resulting in a dead leg and a hole in the web of my left hand which I  had used to help break my fall but also managed to find a sharp root as well which impaled it, helping it to bleed like the proverbial stuck pig for a few minutes. Never mind.

Ended up taking the skin off the above for a niche spot in the house I had been eyeing up and along side with the hind legs off both animals we now have a few goat curries to look forward to. Got a couple of lambs in the back paddock that are next in the cross hairs and then we start again with the fish n paua, lobster,kina etc etc…jeez it is a hard life!

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