I just had a pig of a time

Boar posing with Sako Vixen .222










Came across this character this morning on the opposite side of a gully I had just sidled into.  He was mooching around some windfall playing now you see me now you don’t.  I was struggling to find a vantage point on very steep ground to enable me to get the shot away.  It was a tense few minutes before he then decided more altitude was needed on this Thursday morning.  I swung around a large tree and snapped the shot off as he was disappearing into some dense scrub. The shot was good and the 53 grn. Barnes took him just under the back-steak angling forward behind his left foreleg.  He dropped instantly and then proceeded to “Hollywood” end over end and roll some considerable distance before coming to rest.  A few futile kicks and “its goodnight from him”

Barnes 53 grn.TSX FB found just on the skin on opposite side of entry











Might just reload it again!

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