Swazi reproducing the climb-max shirt again

Just heard the long sleeved version of the climb max shirt is soon to be available again.  It will be first introduced in a black colour which I would especially welcome  for Winter Cham. hunting and also there will be other colours added to this within a couple of months.

It is made of 100% polyester with plenty of stretch. The shirt is styled “out of the pants” and has a 1/2 zip from collar to midriff which aids cooling .  The cuffs are snug to the wrist and out of the way.  Overall the shirt is tailored nicely but will still accept an undergarment, it dries very quickly too. I have found the shirt excellent in both winter and summer conditions and that in itself is “stand out”.  Lastly durability is its top card and is well able to last the distance in any environment here.

Lastly lastly it is made by Kiwis for Kiwi conditions- Now you just can’t beat that!

Hopefully we will see the first of these shirts emerging by the middle of June this year 2018. I for one will have my name down for a couple.



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