Chamois hunt with Red deer result

Two day hunt with Amos Rand











5 Chamois observed on the first afternoon but unfortunately at a crucial time a venison recovery helicopter buzzed them at the worst possible time  sending the bunch scurrying for sanctuary into the bush.  A return the next morning resulted in a blank canvas and with low cloud and threatening wx. racing in it was decided to quit the tops and enter the bush.

Nearly an hour later we picked up some commotion in a creek bed whereby a spiker was pursuing a hind up the side of a slip.  Amos let fly with a quick shot at 156 meters and the two disappeared into the bush.  Minutes later a stag crossed the slip in quick pursuit.  We waited around ten minutes then slowly descended into the creek to check Amos’s shot out.

The spiker was found inert around 10 or so meters into the bush the shot had exited out the left side of the animal.

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