A German and Australian taste the Alpine way.

Trenton with the second of his two Chamois for the trip

Albrecht and Trenton booked a no nonsense backpacking trip in pursuit of Chamois.  This was to be a first for Trenton who lives in Sydney Australia, although Albrecht who is German and has pursued the specie in Europe before, but wanted to initiate the young man into this alpine world and also experience for himself the Kiwi way of hunting the animal and its philosophy of hunting in general.

12 animals were seen in total and one rather good stag in the 4 day hunt.  3 Chamois were taken and are as we speak being processed by Warren Plumb the local taxidermist in Nelson for expediting to the two countries.

The two prepared well for the trip and were fit and able and we covered a lot of country, seeing 12 Chamois and one pretty good red deer stag.


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