New Bix’n Andy Trigger for Sako

Some logistical and teething problems but now ready for action.

Finally I was able to get Andy to agree to make me a one off trigger for my Sako L579.  First I had the red tape to contend with, as the agents for these triggers are Bullet Central in the U.S.  Now like Australia if there is one country on earth you do not want to deal with these days regarding firearms and import/export well this is it!

Anyway over that particular hurdle but then I found the trigger will not work.  To cut an awful long story short it was deducted that the sear was not long enough.  I Fixed that eventually with a replacement sear from Austria and then I found that the trigger would not fit in the stock because it was binding on the sides as well as the rear pillar (We did kinda know that anyway but first things first and the need to get the trigger fixed was paramount)

So some Dremel work was needed by my local gunsmith Dave Ward (good ole Dave). Next problem was  that the trigger was hard up against the rear of the guard and would not work, so again Dave to the breech and he bent the trigger forward and now finally after the best part of 6 months the trigger is installed.

I hardly need an excuse for an alpine hunt now….

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