Eugene & Claude get a pig on a Goat hunt


Brothers Eugene on the left and Claude enjoying some success

Sugi Zhang was back for another hunt and this time bringing his other son Claude over from Brisbane.  They arrived at Wellington airport in crap wx ., and were unable to finish off their journey onto Nelson on Friday night as planned.  Instead arriving at Triple Tui  at around noon on Saturday arvo which meant we had missed our opportunity of two full days in the wilds.  Claude who had never fired a rifle before wanted some familiarity and practice with the rifles we would be using on the weekend so we opted for an hour or so on the range and he got to know the .243 and .222.  We decided a short hunt for goats later in the afternoon would cement what he had already learn’t.  Long story short we were able to stalk onto a young goat and from around ten meters Claude had shot his first animal.

The next day we were able to make the very most of the improving weather and the whole family including Eugene and Mother Lee were ferried into the hills by chopper.  We split up and myself and Claude and Eugene with day packs hoisted picked an area and proceeded to hunt it.  Goats were on the main menu but we were also open to whatever else poked its head up.  We started off with a nice sow of around 40 kg’s which Eugene took with a good shot from the .243, and the boys stuffed their day packs with the meat.  Claude then took two young goats with two fine shots across a gully.  They later shared 3 more with one shot kills, and to top off a fine day each shot a Billy to finish with.  Well done guys.

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