Thomas Berg gets a Stag on a Goat hunt


Thomas with Spiker for the freezer.

One shot at 327 meters was enough for Thomas to secure his venison and provide the kind of start to the day you dream of.  The last time father and son headed out with me on a goat hunt we came across two deer at around the same distance as this one but we were unable to take the shot as the rifle in question a .223 was only sighted in to 100 yards.  This time however armed with a Model 7 Remington in .243 cal. it was a different story altogether.  A well aimed shot and a 90 grn. Nosler Ballistic tip behind the shoulder was enough to down the beast whilst three other older stags looked on.

The guys shot 16 goats in all and the final one was a lone white Billy shown as the featured image on news page sporting a fine pelage.

For an all round hunting piece the aforementioned rifle in 6 mm. cal. is very hard to beat for NZ conditions in my opinion.

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