Goats aplenty

S1070001Sugi and Eugene father and son combo decided a day on a goat cull would be the ticket so we hired our heli and did just that.  Sugi a long time hunter but lately only now returning  to the fold after a long lay off was keen for his son to sample some of what he has experienced over the years.

Pretty new to shooting and certainly to hunting Eugene I found took to it all like a duck to water.  We had a display of firearms to use and abuse but I was quite happy when both of them arrive at the conclusion that my client rifle combination of Remington 700/ Vari 2-7 power Leupold scope with CDS dials and Timney elite trigger set at 1.0lb  in .243 cal. coupled with 90 grain nosler ballistic tipped hand loads was king of the pile.

We shot our fair share and claimed some choice cuts of meat but the highlight was when Eugene and me completed a 900 meter stalk in steep country to complete a “mob take out”

Eugene systematically went through a group of seven or eight mainly billy goats with one shot kills and the chopper then flew down to pick us up to end an eventful day.

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