Chamois hunt kiwi style for American Hunters


Setting up our base camp and glassing our neighbourhood

Setting up our base camp and glassing our neighbourhood






Jan posing

Jan posing at campsite after a long haul

In hotter weather than was normal for the season we all three worked pretty hard for any results.  Eventually though we caught up with our quarry and first Emile missed a shot at 300 meters in the early evening.  A shot that had to be taken without the aid of a pack and with a hastily impromptu rest with light sticks in very steep terrain.  John the following morning after a well executed stalk and finally a shot of under a 100 meters finally secured our combined goal. Not a trophy in the true trophy sense but trophy enough in the eye of the hunter to merit a complete retrieve of the whole carcass for a full body mount.

Deer were seen in small numbers and passed over by these two discerning guys but three or four goats were taken for their horns and pretty looking skins nonetheless . All in all a respectable effort.

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