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roaring billy

My apparent naivety knows no bounds!  Just returned from the Roaring Billy third period and god how I wish I had never gone there in the first place.  Roaring it certainly was not and Billy you would have to be daft as a goat to go there in the first place!

Middle to headwaters is lovely country but found it desolate and was shot out and the lower Billy was dank and wet and held no fresh sign whatsoever.  The valley itself is narrow and would be hell to live in from Autumn through winter as it receives so little sunlight.   How DOC can enter it in a ballot is beyond me with the history it has. There is no evidence of a roar since well before the year 2000.  To spend so much money on travel and helicopters not to mention personal time when the reality is known by the few and not widely published borders on the criminal.

I feel there should be some kind of feed back from all blocks on a ballot system every year and published on the DOC website so everybody gets a picture of what they are potentially getting into also the individual periods when the stags are roaring each year would prove interesting.  Ballots for me in the future? I don’t think so…Christ they were roaring well locally and more animals about too without me traveling down the length of the country on a wild goose chase.  Haast local chopper pilot told me “Next time give me a ring and I will give you the heads up on what blocks work”.  This block was such a consistency of crap proportions history wise roar wise and numbers wise it would have been so nice instead to get a heads up BEFORE  hand….

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