The Vietnam pack

Leaving Kawekas "end of season 2

Leaving Kawekas “end of season 2


I spied an advertisement in a paper or magazine many years ago whilst hunting in the Kawekas advertising the above back pack at a very reasonable price.   Amongst other things it featured a Q.D. release clip for the carry straps which enabled the user to ditch his pack in an instant.   It featured many ideal compartments almost custom made for the likes of a small transistor radio and Aeriel  [obligatory requirement for 6 week trips] another which held 100 rounds of .222 ammo the middle held socks and spare jersey and the bottom to hold the sleeping bag and some cleaning gear.  Its colour is O.D. and is finished in a very tough and resilient canvas which although not waterproof is very water resistant.  In short it was near perfect for carrying our minimum gear about the hills for long periods.

Its size meant we could hunt from hut to hut off piste with a good rate of success without being overburdened.  Many a time I have utilised the Q.D. clip and dropped my pack in a hurry to engage or follow up on my quarry.  A handy tool for fly-camping and if it were designed purely for the bush hunting deer culler instead of what it was originally designed for it could barely have been improved upon.

I ended up buying 3 and one went to another culler P.R.V.D.Vorte and the other ended up with my missus.  I have still got mine and along with my much used Vixen .222 and “in tatters” green woolen swanny and Leather belt with N.Z.F.S.  first aid pouch steel plus two Kershaw folding knives they will all remain with me until I depart this world.

When you reach peak condition and combine that fitness with light and efficient gear then you truly become a well prized tool for the rugged environment in which you operate.

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