Lou Kennedy- First time Tahr hunt



Young bull taken on a very cold early morning in the Mount cook area.  Range was 288 meters at an altitude of 1600.  A very enjoyable trip though marred by some cowboy chopper antics which is a fitting story for shooting from the hip- when I get round to it!

A trophy bull was missed on the first day at a range of 400 meters.

Lou was great company and uncomplaining.  He would agree though that his fitness regime needs a kick in the butt.




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2 Responses to Lou Kennedy- First time Tahr hunt

  1. Tim wildman says:

    Well done Lou! Well done Steve! Bloody good going, look forward to hearing more about it
    Cheers Tim

    • Steve says:

      Not strictly speaking heliworks fault so long as they did notify all and sundry like they informed us that we were going into said area of course.
      The Helicopter line though are a different matter altogether cos even if they were not notified they should have checked in on the hut and anyway they saw us outside of the hut so end of story. Their only defense would be that the pilot in question had never hunted before in his life and therefore was completely ignorant of his actions….
      Heliworks have not got back to me to inquire about whether or not the other company has contacted me with an apology…. so put em in the same pot is what I am forced to conclude

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