Xmas Venison x2

xmas stag 2 12-17-2014_102935

This is the stag much seen over the years and the one initially spied and stalked, however as the stalk was conducted from a long way away and much of which was out of sight I ended up shooting a stag [seen on intro. photo] that was not previously seen.  I did not twig until departing with a full load of venison I caught sight of the bigger stag making hard work of a climb into the bluffs.    Also described at; http://youtu.be/faUufLNE4Kg

This stag had been looked at over the years first of all by Daniel [the wind betrayed us at the crucial last minute of a stalk] and Mattias who being German had higher ethics and decided not to stalk him because of his velvet rack.

I have spied him on two more occasions in between those guys on my lonesome hunting and for one reason or another let the opportunity to take him pass by.  However Tuesday was his unlucky day.   He is in his prime and unlikely to achieve any greater mass up top so was added to my first stag and the prime meat off both animals now resides in my freezer.

Good to be back on the hill hunting once again after a long lay off between both possum trapping and two broken fingers.

Merry xmas everyone and a happy new year!

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  1. Dean Lindon says:

    Hi Steve I have just finished reading all your other stories (took me 2 nights)
    they are all great just as this is !!
    Booking my flights next week !!
    Looking forward to meeting you and hunting with you.

    Keep up the good work

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