165 grn Nosler Accubond-My new projectiles

I have been using these for some months now and I have recently just acquired my accompanying C.D.S. dial to compliment the system.

I had problems with the 168 grain Hornady A max in that they were not totally reliable at close range and of course my 130 grain Barnes were not reliable at the longer ranges-past 300 meters.

My last trip with the Accubonds had me address the two extreme distances. I downed a Chamois at 377 meters and a Stag at 15 meters- both one shot kills.  Not totally significant I know for it takes a lot of shooting of animals to really ascertain a bullets worth and to be honest I don’t need to kill that often these days so my findings are day to day so to speak.

[Only professional hunters can really properly ascertain a bullets worth i.m.o. and I am talking about culling animals and not stopping at the first kill of the day- day in day out….and even then it can be a contentious subject between hunters!]

All I can say is in the preceding months clients have accounted for a number of kills around the 100 meter mark on stags with these bullets with good results.

My load is  43.8 grains of 2206H for a muzzle velocity of 2629 fps. or 801 meters per second with an extreme spread of just 11.0 fps for eight shots.  Accuracy is very good too.

As far as I can see Nosler recommend at least 1900 fps for reliable results with regard to expansion / performance.   With my set up that covers the 400 meters self imposed maximum range I have set myself for Chamois and Tahr.

N.B.  The Nosler reloading guide has 43 grains as maximum for 2206H and the 165 grain Accubond pill.

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4 Responses to 165 grn Nosler Accubond-My new projectiles

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Steve, in what why did you find the Barnes 130 TTSX unreliable at distance? I’ve had no trouble with them on japs up to 250m. Sako Forester .308 20″ barrel. Looking at the 150 Accubonds or maybe the 150g Hornady SST’s.

    • steveg308 says:

      Hi Mike
      I believe they are slow killers past 300 meters. I am talking about the TSX130 grainer which is the only one I have experience with. I mostly target Chamois these days and often 300-400 meters are the distances you have to shoot at and more than once I have had to shoot again for fear of losing them. Absolutely spot on for skins as if they don’t strike bone they tend to go through without mushrooming much at all. The TSX is designed to penetrate deeply and as such I find they work well in my 222. The Accubond 165’s are absolutely deadly. I recently took a Chamois buck at 380 odd meters and he dropped like a stone. I would imagine both the 150 sst and 150 Accubond would be a surer bet beyond 300 meters on all animals

  2. Kyle says:

    i have had no problems at distance or close range with my 168 a max Ive dropped Tahr/deer well over 300yrds and also shot stags at 3m …yes 3m away.
    Sorry to hear you have not had much joy out of them ..but good luck with your new ammo.
    Watch this if you may and skip towards the end to see the stag at 3m being shot by 168 grn Amax


    • steveg308 says:

      Hey Kyle …More than happy with the accubond thanks been using them for awhile now and 100% results so confidence is sky high again.
      What sort of .308 are you using barrel length and velocities? A max have Gotta have some success stories I guess or they wouldn’t sell em eh?. I have 3 box’s for sale if you are interested

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