The Last Adventure?

Going out with a bang

The thinking cap is on and plans are being laid at the most basic level but I am leaning toward doing an epic hunting and trekking trip taking in both the north and south islands.  My sketchy thoughts so far involve following the mountain spines of both islands relying heavily for food on the meat shot on the trip although supplement food drops and/or pick ups are inevitable along the way.  Intervals also will be needed to recharge batteries and to process film work and writings.

The Kawekas, Eastern and Western Ruahines and Tararuas are a given mainly because of my association with them in the past but I might include the Ureweras as well.

In the South I want to experience the likes of the Godley, Karangarua, Whitcombe and Rakaia rivers amongst a host of others as well as some notable passes and then Fiordland and maybe Stewart Island.

Animals likely to be encountered include Sika, Red deer , Goats,  Pigs. Chamois, Tahr, Fallow, Wapiti and Whitetail deer.

I would like to invite anyone interested to share any part of the adventure and join me for a week or longer in duration at any point on my journey and to contact me for further details or ideas.


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6 Responses to The Last Adventure?

  1. Daniel Faul says:

    + 2 for 2015 I’ve got more chance for that hunt as the budget has been set for administration & defence this financial.
    Diplomacy is the word!!

    • steveg308 says:

      Good on ya Daniel-You are I can see a true diplomat and an asset to any government-make sure they know that!
      What’s your interest animal wise? Or are you in for the adventure? If so where is your preference?

  2. Matthias says:

    Hei Steve,

    If this will take place in 2015, I would love to join in for a week or 2 and will do a LOT to make this happen. Main problem will be comvincing the “government” back home that She lets me go.
    Also, once you have laid out the route and dates a little more detailed lets discuss this via mail to get the german bootmakers etc. Possibly involves, as we already talked. Would love to support you on this one..

    Will stop by to see what’s happening every once in a while.

    All the best and WMH


  3. Daniel says:

    What dates? Reading between the lines in your heading are you no longer going to do guided hunts soon?

    • steveg308 says:

      Not sure of the dates as yet still working on a lot of things. By no means giving up the guiding Daniel in fact I will be available for more hunters as I will be traveling through their particular neck of the woods so if they want to join me at any stage they can hook up. I will be carrying a satellite phone or they can arrange dates before I leave.

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