A stag in the crap

Stag more or less where he fell

Well it is August once again and it marks the closure of my winter alpine trips. The chamois skins will now be on the wane by and large .  So it is again time to polish up the ole bush hunting skills before the wasps arrive in December.

Out for a day hunt today and picked up this critter in the most ridiculous of bush. Picture a steep face almost on the vertical combine this with dead fall both beech and manuka heavily laced with bush lawyer and bramble and throw in mingimingi, hook grass and flax and then layer all this on sodden ground.  The old Sako Vixen must have thought I had gone totally senile taking her in there.  Yes.. but the wily ole stag put up with this crap to visit his favourite couple of stands of broadleaf that were interspersed in all that filth.

Sitting here typing this after a shower and my legs, hands, and lacerated face are tingling with the delightful experience.  Must be just how you felt after a public flogging with a cat- o- nine tails in the day.



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