Dan Hardy suppressor

Bought the can mainly for range work but couldn’t help taking it out a couple of times to test it out-don’t think it will be a regular ride in my backpack though-I would like to avoid fallen arches if at all possible….Not saying it is “that” heavy just that it is another item that weighs and everything adds up. I would only use a can for a selective shot and never ever wear it all the time when hunting cos they look terrible and don’t do anything for the balance of the rifle. I like clean lines on my piece and that means not having a chunk of cylindrical ballast attached to the end. It works good enough although I haven’t tried any other  brands mind you for any sort of comparison. Certainly appears to dampen recoil and in some areas appears very quiet and in others not so. Unfortunately my rifle range parallels a steep bush face and tends to rebound the signature a bit.

A bit of a post script to this article;

I have recently changed from 130 grain Barnes to 168 grn. Hornady A max bullets and the rifle now prints 5″ right and 2 or 3 inches high with the suppressor on.  Needless to say it is heading for Trade me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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