Chamois at 376 meters

Just when I thought it would clear

The long climb through the bush eventually resulted in me emerging into the damp low bank of clouds. I was thankful for the lack of sun for there was little water to be had but at the same time I was not relishing the lack of visibility that would meet me when I eventually reached the bushline.

Upon accessing the tops I soon found that the visibility there was less than a 100meters and the tussock was high and rain drenched so it wasn’t long before I took on the appearance of the proverbial drowned rat. I still had a long way to climb and although I knew where I would like to camp on the map I had not actually been there in the flesh before. The day was getting old when I finally set my pack down in fact it was 4p.m. There was little wind and the clag was all around it was as silent as the grave. I erected my fly and set about making my home that done I then changed in to some dry gear. A couple of cups of tea later and I felt like a new man…well at least better. Around 6 p.m. the cloud lifted and I raced for my Leicas but after a few moments the scud came down again and I was reduced to groping about like a blind man. In those few moments though I was able to have a quick look around my block and I was happy with what I saw now I just wanted some clearing weather.not too much to ask eh?

I was in my pit at 7.30 having dined if not wined and through my open doorway could see that the mist was at times clearing before reverting back to a white blanket in a monotonous never ending rhythm. Never-mind I thought as I blotted out the dismal scene with my heavy eyelids tomorrow will be a new day.

My Casio Pathfinder delivered its message at 05.30.out of spite I first thought. In the dark I groped for my lighter and lit the stove and my brew was on the way. I lay in my bag with the flickering gas flames less than an arm length away and noticed out of the fly doorway that the country was in sharp focus. Dark it maybe but I could see the stars and that can only mean one thing.

I was soon dressed and ready for the day. The scene that greeted me was a good one it was mostly clear skies and down in the valley far below there was a heavy blanket of the fluffy white stuff reaching up to the bush edge. Good enough for them mere mortals down below I mused……….

A chamois head-skin was the target for the trip after missing out last week I was more than ready to play the game today. I crested the main divide and quickly descended the other side before the rising sun could pinpoint my bearings to ones that might take an interest.  I soon came upon fresh chamois foot prints in the loose shale they angled right to left and the direction they were taking ……the rest of the story can be seen in upcoming editions of

 NZGuns&Hunting magazine

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3 Responses to Chamois at 376 meters

  1. Bruce says:

    Well, that was a bloody let down. Certainly doesn’t encourage me to read any more of your stories on here. And I wouldn’t cross the road to buy that magazine. So I guess I will never know.

    • steveg308 says:

      Sorry Bruce but thanks for your feed back. Just experimenting with my input at the mo. I think it only fair to the editor of NZGH not to publish every story I write on my website. You never know of course I might decide to write a book myself one day so wont publish every hunt I do on here anyway……cheers

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