Practise with the new rig!

I put out a steel plate measuring 600mm x 300mm high this afternoon making use of a lull at work. I ranged it at 464 meters [500yds or so]. I gave myself three shots cos I am a bit tight when it comes to shooting off Barnes TSX when not pointing at game!

I put myself under field conditions and only permitted myself a rolled up jacket and ear plugs. I dialled the CDS turret up to 460 meters. I then held a dead on hold with the first shot and witnessed dust geysering up in front of the target. I then dialled up 470 and held on the top of the target with the next two shots and rang steel both times and they were only a couple of inches apart.

I recorded 2925 fps on my newish chrony as my MV as opposed to the 3000 fps I ‘guessed at’ whilst using the manual when I sent all my details to Leupold.

My load is 50grns. 2208 powder 130 grn. Barnes TSX bullet and Lapua cases. I am pretty happy with the results considering the barrel is 18.5 long and I am using a 5x scope. At this early stage I can say I am more than a little impressed with Leupolds CDS turrets.

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